Welcome To Lifework Tarot -- The Future is Yours!

Lifework Tarot (LWT) offers all the fun and excitement of envisioning the future, spiced with the creative power to shape your own good fortune.   For centuries the wisdom encrypted in Tarot cards has guided practitioners to excel at life. 

 Your intuition already knows far more about the future than you imagine. 
Lifework Tarot engages our intuition in what is called the "Hero's Journey". Each of us is a hero navigating life's many adventures to a place of wisdom and wholesome fulfillment. Along the way, the Tarot alerts us to opportunities to realize our full potential.  We gain confidence as we master the essential skills and knowledge to do challenging things well.

Lifework Tarot is a contemporary practice of an age-old wisdom that, according to lore, was brought to the West encrypted in Tarot Cards. The world has changed but the same wisdom remains of immense value today.  

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