The Hero's Journey

In Lifework Tarot (LWT), you are the hero creating the story of your own life. It is a story of personal growth and empowerment.  If you wish, it can also be a mystical journey of spiritual growth as you navigate life's many adventures to a place of wisdom and wholesome fulfillment. 

LWT's Wholesome Grail

Powerful questions are a source of great inspiration. LWT celebrates the mysteries we have yet to understand. There is no dogma. Answers change as you learn more, gain experience, and achieve ever deeper insight. The most powerful questions continue to inspire your life's work. 

The tradition emphasizes a healthy balance between being actively engaged in worldly pursuits and taking time to meditate, reflect, and cultivate clarity of vision, life purpose, and inspiration.  The LWT tradition encourages interest in science, the arts, and other sources of knowledge that contribute to the quality of life enjoyed by all.

Lifework Tarot respects and empowers the independent thinking and the autonomous lifework of the clients we coach.

The mysticism of Lifework Tarot is based on 7 principles similar to the 7 chakras or energy centers of Eastern mysticism, but there are important differences that make the LWT tradition more compatible with Western values and lifestyles.

LWT emphasizes developing your intuition, being creative, using your talents, and mastering useful skills and knowledge that improve both your own quality of life and the lives of others.