"Normally I'm a bit of a skeptic when it comes to the mystical... but my apprehensions aren't even relevant with Lifework Tarot.  Each session is a coaching session firmly planted in reality.  Dr. Emmerson uses the cards as a tool to interpret my intuition.  The cards are a guide, each one prompting me to examine my situation in a new light, and ultimately gain understanding and perspective.  I always leave her sessions feeling lighter, more confident, and with my goal -- and the steps I need to take to achieve it -- clearly set in mind." -- Acey Rowe, Radio Producer

"I left my Lifework Tarot session with a new understanding of a difficult area of my life, and confidence in a new action plan. It has already made a difference. Dr. Emmerson was able to combine the intuitive insights of the cards with her knowledge of personal coaching and decision-making in a very compassionate way to help me zero in on the essence of my question. The amazing bonus was that I felt a sense of fun and discovery throughout the process. I'm looking forward to my next time. My advice is try it!" --  Patricia Dickinson, Teacher.

"Dr. Emmerson's method of using Tarot cards to facilitate life coaching is innovative and  unique.  The process is more collaborative than traditional methods of coaching.  Dr. Emmerson is extremely intuitive with her readings and proceeds with empathy and compassion.  Her coaching is interactive and empowering. I left with a clear direction and some practical homework that would keep me on track."  --   Wendy Ryan, Director of Waterfront Wellness Centre, Luskville. QC